What Vibrant organizes each site into "projects" the static assets that are served for each site. Vibrant only supports static (meaning no server interaction) websites for now.


Web hosting has become boring! Vibrant aims to provide meaningful hosting that allows you to interconnect many services at once:

  • Web hosting
  • Database hosting (soon)
  • File hosting (soon)
  • Container hosting (soon)

Open as in open source! You can find the source for Vibrant here! You can also find its license card here.


Each site is given a certain amount of available requests per month at the start of each month (starting the day the project is created). The basic normal limit is 1,000,000 requests per month! This can be upgraded to 100,000,000 or no limit, depending on the options made available by this server.

Exceeding this request limit will cause the site to stop serving requests until the end of its request period.